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Use of services provided by REVIC will be seen as acceptance of these rules. If you break this ruleset, the REVIC moderation team reserves the right to immediately exclude you from any or all services

Remember: Treat everyone with respect and get respect in return!

General Section

This is the general rules for being on all medias owned by REVIC.

§ 1 Be nice and respectful, and act in good faith.

§ 2 Use of offensive language towards others is not accepted.

§ 3 Please speak either Danish or English. This is an English speaking community with Danish origins.

§ 4 No cheating or fraud is allowed in any context. This is a cheat free community.

(1) Any breach of this rule will lead to permanent exclusion from all gaming teams in REVIC

§ 5 The moderation team has the final word in all administrative matters. Arguing this rule will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

(1) You are allowed to appeal your case under the General Section § 7

§ 6 Vigilantism in regards to this ruleset is strictly forbidden. If a rule has been broken, report it to the moderation team

§ 7 Any user has the right to appeal a decision made by a member of the Moderation Team. To make matters easier, any decision made by the Moderation Team is protected by the General Section § 5 and all appeal requests has to reported at the Contact Page following the directions

(1) Any appeal request will be taken up at an Administrator meeting. The Administrators will come to a decision based on the involved moderator's testimony and the involved users testimony, which will be matched up against any logs if available from the act of infringement.
(2) The involved user is permitted to apologize for any infringements made. An act of humility will in some cases be enough to lift any punishment.

§ 8 A moderator may be found inadequate for fullfilling the duties of moderation and in such case be demoted. A demoted moderator has the right to appeal the decision under General Section § 7 and has to remember General Section § 5 is still in effect.

These rules apply at all REVIC owned medias, and will be regulated as once.

Teamspeak Section

§ 1 If you upload a file to a file browser, append your teamspeak username to the file name (eg. filename[Kyle].pdf). Files without a username appended to it will, in most cases, be deleted. It is possible to name files recursively.

(1) The server-administrator(s) are exempted from the law on the filename directive, and are furthermore able to hand out exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

§ 2 When in a language-specific channel, refrain from speaking other languages (English in "English Only", Danish in "Danish Only").

§ 3 Guests are allowed to create temporary channels. The channel creator have full responsibility over their own channels.

(1) A breach of the Teamspeak Section § 3 gives the moderation team the right to revoke permissions to create temporary channels

§ 4 Excessive annoying microphone noise, wether it be loud noises, static, music, or else, will be regulated under the General Section § 2

§ 5 All REVIC members have permissions to kick users from Teamspeak.

(1) By using the kick feature, any involved party must have made an effort to contact a member of the Moderation Team prior to ban.
(2) The kick feature given to REVIC members are only to be used in serious infringement in either the General Section § 2 or the Teamspeak Section § 4
(3) A breach of the Teamspeak Section § 5 or § 5 ¶ 4 gives the Moderation Team the right to revoke permissions to kick
(4) All use of the Teamspeak Section § 5 has to be reported to a higher authority

§ 6 All REVIC members have permissions to move users to most channels.

(1) The Teamspeak Section § 6 is only to be used upon agreement from both parties, or from moderation purposes by moderators and administrators.
(2) Any use of the Teamspeak Section § 6 without adhering to § 6 ¶ 1 will grant the Moderation Team the rights to revoke permissions to move users

*The moderation team cannot act upon or take a stance on matters that has not been reported. Either use the contact form on the website to report users, or contact a member of the Moderation Team

Warning Section

This section states your rights when getting warnings and how these warnings is valid

§ 1 To acknowledge the reciept of a written warning, the involved person must print and sign it and send it back. (Or in other ways filling out the signature line).

(1) Refusal by the recieving member to sign a warning letter does not make the warning invalid.

§ 2 A verbal warning remains valid for 6 months and a written warning remains valid for 12 months

§ 3 It is possible to request a review of a written warning no later than fourteen (14) calendar days from receipt of the warning. The request should be in writing and include documentation of any mitigating circumstances that cause you to believe that the warning is undeserved.

§ 4 A warning for one type of contravention is not applicable to another type of offence. In other words, a first warning for disrespect could not lead to a second warning for vigilantism.

§ 5 Written warnings shall be placed in the involved person's official personnel file. If there are no further disciplinary actions with respect to the same area of violation within two (2) years, a written request may provided to expunge the written warning from the involved person's personnel file

§ 6 Any other official letters follow the same paragaphs as written warnings unless excplicitly stated otherwise in the letter.

Membership guidelines

As a member of Revic we require some activity and if you happen to be passive for a longer period you will get a notification and if that is not followed up on, a termination of membership will be started. This is to ensure there are as few passive members as possible.
We do not require much more than visiting the website once or twice a month and if something stops you from this you should contact an Administrator so you don't get marked mistakenly as passive.
Remember: A termination of membership doesn't mean you can't come back. We encourage you to do so if you want to.

Revic's Cheating Policy

When you are a member of Revic Gaming you are playing for Revic and everything you do reflects Revic's image. If cheating or fraud happens to occur, it will reflect Revic negatively even when using a secondary account, since it is always possible to find the links.

Revic has a rule, which directly dictates that all cheating and fraud is not tolerated (GR4#). If cheating or fraud is discovered, we will exclude the person from the team without the possibility to return at a later point. There is still the possibility to stay as a regular member without advertising for Revic. If any further problems arise there will in worst case scenario be initiated an exclusion from Revic Gaming either for a given period of time or permanently.

This policy has been passed on from the Revic Admin Team and if it is not to be followed it will not be taken lighthearted. Let's help each other to keep the gaming community cheat free.


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