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In the coming days we will transition to a new IP address. This will not have any noticeable impacts on your use of Revic medias, since we started using domains for everything a while back (for this exact reason). But with any technical upgrades, we can't promise the transition will be 100% smooth.

Revic Gaming is a global gaming community with a Danish spirit for all who likes gaming. We have a strong community and play a lot of different games. If interested in forming new friendships then be sure to hit that big red "Join us now!" button and tell something about yourself!

Who are we?

Revic gaming is a community based on having fun and to make gaming a fun social experience. We have a good cooperation in Revic and do it in the spirit of socialization. If you happen to know some nice people who fits our spirit, then let them know we exist!

Revic Gaming was founded in 2011 under the name Danish Gamers by Simon Thyregod and Martin Løvig. It was restarted in 2015 under the new name, Red Viking Community which is shortened to Revic Gaming.


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